The St. James Children’s Carnival Parade is on.

Come Sunday February 12, the 33rd edition will be staged under the banner of the St. James Community Improvement Committee (CIC) and existing members of the St. James Working Council with assistance from the N.C.C. Regional Carnival Committee.

The event, the brainchild 0f Ken Valley (des.) and subsequently run by Ms Yvonne Mungal (des.) of the St. James Working Council, has been a Carnival staple for many years.

After a near cancellation in 2020 much to the disappointment of many, the National Carnival Commission and a couple of interested persons stepped in to ensure that “the children of the nation have an extra day to jump, exhibit, palance and ramajay.”

In a couple of weeks, junior masqueraders will once again take to the streets in all their splendor and glory rivaling their adult counterparts from Long Circular Road (Courts) to George Cabral Street, St. James. Starting time is 1:00pm and continues until 6:00pm.

Judging point is at the St. James Park & Amphitheatre, Western Main Road, St. James. Categories include Best Use of Local Materials, Creativity and local themes as well as the traditional Bands of the Year, and Junior King and Queen of Carnival.

This year will see the addition of the Yvonne Mungal Challenge Trophy for the presentation adjudged “Band of the Year” donated by The St James Community Improvement Committee.

Registration commences on Monday January 30 and continues to Thursday February 09 at 6 Quamina Street, (between Brunton Road & Mooneram Street) between the hours of 12 noon and 6:00pm.

For further information contact 396 5962, 749 7102 or 777 2119,

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