Carnival will come early in St. James as Traditional Carnival characters take over St. James.

Characters like Baby Dolls, Perriot Gerenades, Bats, Devil Mas, Fancy Indians, Fancy Sailors. Jab Jabs, Dame Lorraines, Minstrels, Clowns, Moko Jumbies and many more will converge at the St. James Amphitheatre & Park, Western Main Road, St. James, as the St. James Social And Cultural Committee in collaboration with the National Carnival Commission Regional Carnival stages its Traditional Ole Time Competition.

In addition to the above, there will be more than fifteen (15) categories open to both junior and senior masqueraders.

The event, almost twenty five (25) years since its inception, is carded for Wednesday February 08, starting time 7:00 pm. Admission is free.

Open to school children, individuals and groups, the Carnival staple brings the historical element of the Festival to the fore.

Registration for both adults and children is free and can be done at either at Crosby’s St. James, or calling 784 -0220 .

Once again, Chairman of the Committee, Anthony Alleng, is appealing to corporate Trinidad & Tobago to support the venture and get more involved to ensure continuity.

He noted that Traditional mas will die without sponsorship.

In spite of the response, Alleng is determined to continue this tradition and is quite optimistic for its future.

On a more positive note, he pointed out that there has been an increase in participation by school children, a category he introducd almost a decade ago.

“Stakeholders must do better and work harder to keep T&T’s culture alive because it is tradition.” he ended.

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