When it comes to the approach in shaping the musical ideas for the NGC Couva Joylanders Steel Orchestra, Kareem Brown’s methodology is simple.
“The process may be the same as always,” he said indicating that he tries to tell a story through the arrangement. In so doing, he is able to explore the best possible avenues to develop it in to a winning Panorama piece.
The versatile Brown, a pannist, arranger, composer and producer, continues to bring a wealth of experience to the Joylanders. Placing eighth in the medium category of National Panorama semi-finals, the band is prepared for finals on February 6, and are ready to Come With It sung by Dr. Leroy ‘Black Stalin’ Calliste.
“Our plan is to explore the comments given by the judges, study them and improve on the arrangement and overall sound of the band. Making sure they execute at their highest potential.”  

Brown explained that Come With It has all the requirements for a winning Panorama piece.
“Good melody, nice chords and a powerful chorus that most people can identify quickly. The arrangement is enjoyed by both players and supporters. 

He confirmed that the players love the process from start to finish and they were all eager to complete the arrangement.  

According to Brown, pan music is for the enjoyment of all.
“Any conscious arranger would know you cannot leave out the audience and the listening public, so I would safely say my music for everybody, both the judges and the patrons, “said Brown.

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