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“We salute the pan men and women who work towards the promotion and preservation of a rich aspect of our heritage,” said Gisele Marfleet, chairperson, of the Scotiabank T&T Foundation.

She praised this category of musicians at Wednesday’s presentation of grants to independent steelbands held at the bank’s hospitality suite at the Queen’s Park Oval on Tragarete Road in Port-of-Spain, where the financial institution disbursed almost $200,000 to unsponsored steelbands. 

Marfleet continued, “It is because of your contributions, the music, talent and culture of the steelpan endures. We are assisting 45 bands for the National Panorama 2016 for the total amount of $190,000 being disbursed. Since 1978, we have contributed to the steelpan movement. Our contributions have helped prepare numerous bands to compete in the National Panorama Competition. More so, we have helped steelbands continue in their thrust to foster community spirit and help communities prosper.”

She marvelled at the power of the pan yard to bring together numerous people of varied backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups and declared it was very rare that one could find something that united people and communities, proving that the instruments strength went further than its sweet, melodious music.

The Foundation, said Marfleet, was happy to support initiatives that focused on the development of T&T’s youth, the environment, sports and of course worthy causes that combine these focal areas.

“Today’s event is one such cause. Not only are we supporting the rich culture of our twin-island state and the progression of our beloved national instrument. We are also helping our young people, instilling in them a passion for the steelpan and of course providing them with positive opportunities to occupy their spare time,” she said.

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